Johnson Lee Caught Making Out With Ellen Chan

Johnson Lee has been making headlines ever since the critical success of his show Office of Practical Jokes. Recently there are claims that Johnson is cheating on girlfriend Lukian Wong with 47-year-old movie actress Ellen Chan.

Johnson and Ellen have been good friends for quite some time, and earlier Johnson had invited Ellen to star in a film he is planning to direct. Two weeks ago, at a farewell party for TVB actor Q Bobo, Johnson was seen shouting, “Ellen Chan is now my woman!” The two were also frequently seen visiting at each other’s homes late into the night, fueling speculations about their secret love affair. Johnson and Ellen quickly denied the rumors. Both parties emphasized that they are close friends and explained that they were simply having business meetings to discuss Johnson’s newly-created production company.

On Wednesday, reporters spotted Johnson and Ellen acting intimately as they left another farewell party for Q Bobo. The two arrived at the party together earlier in the evening. At around two o’clock in the morning, Ellen hurriedly left the bar in anger. Q Bobo and Johnson quickly ran after her, but Q Bobo failed to console Ellen despite many attempts. Johnson came to the rescue however. He immediately reached out for Ellen’s hand, blew into her ear seductively, and gave her a quick kiss. Ellen soon calmed down at Johnson’s gestures and became cheerful once again.

After awhile, Ellen became agitated for a second time. Johnson said a few words to her and she immediately went over and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ellen was then seen licking Johnson’s ears and kissed him repeatedly. The two later flagged down a taxi to go home, and made out heatedly during the ten-minute ride. Ellen reportedly sat on Johnson’s lap at one point as she continued to attack him with passionate kisses. Johnson later accompanied Ellen to her home and did not leave the residence for the rest of the night.


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