Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is more popular than ever. Laser tattoo removal is less painful then these previous methods, and does less skin damage The laser bombards the skin with bursts of light targeting the ink in the tattoo allowing your body to remove the ink internally. This method can does cause some pain that leaves blisters, irritates the skin, and light scaring. Skin numbing creams do exist that can reduce the pain. Some tattoos require multiple treatments, and with each treatment the damage to the skin increases.

Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Removal

Laser therapy is used by medical doctors for many different procedures. Years ago, there was no way to remove a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is relatively new and, although it is not perfect and does not leave skin without a tiny scar, it can be used to remove an embarrassing statement of the past that you once felt compelled to engrave into your skin with ink.

Laser tattoo removal works by getting under the skin and using laser therapy to, in fact, burn out the ink that is engraved into your skin. Laser tattoo therapy can be a great way to erase a mistake that one makes when being young and foolish, or old and foolish, whatever the case may be. Because people continue to get tattoos, the demand for laser tattoo removal is expected to rise within the next ten years.

One of the most effective method of tattoo removal is intense pulsed light therapy which is applied in a way similar to the laser, only using a different type of light. Intense pulsed light therapy is less damaging to the skin, less painful than a laser treatment, and also more effective. However this is the most expensive method of removing tattoos. Intense pulsed light therapy charges per pulse of light, which for larger tattoos can get quite expensive.


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