Bobo Chan scandal and business in jewellery

Bobo Chan Man-Woon is a former Hong Kong singer and model. She was also an actress in several movies and TV-series. Ended her career ofter scandal.

Crystal Jamming with Bobo Chan
The Yes Style 2011

As Chan talks about her business, however, and her love for deco bling, the air of a starlet is gone and the conversation reveals a down-to-earth young woman who is passionate about her crafts and all things girly. “The shop comes from my passion for deco bling,” Chan says, referring to the mosaic art hobby that she discovered six years ago in Japan and eventually turned into a business opportunity. “I saw these girls holding catalogs of gorgeous jeweled cell phones on the street[in Tokyo],” Chan recounts. “They were actually advertising a service where they decorate your cell phone, using all sorts of gems, plastic pearls, flowers and other trinkets. [The designs] were so beautiful and I had my phone accessorized. The first thing I accessorized was my cell phone. It was an old Sony Ericsson with no case obviously, so I glued the gems directly on to the phone.” She returned from her trip and sought out similar stores in Hong Kong, hoping to decorate her other gadgets as well. When she realized that there were no local shops that offered this kind of DIY service, Chan decided to set up her own. “I’m very girly,” she explains, “and I also love crafts and handcrafting things, so I wanted my shop to share that. I didn’t want it to be just a shop, I wanted it to be a DIY experience. I wanted to create a space where customers could also come in and sit through a DIY workshop to make their own creations using these crystals.”

In January and February 2008, explicit photos were found online involving Chan and Edison Chen. Photos of Chan performing fellatio on Chen were leaked over the internet. The scandal also involved Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and others.The photos badly affected Bobo's career and personal life: strong public scrutiny, cancellation of media contracts, ending all product endorsements in her image, and the end of her engagement. Bobo went into seclusion along with those involved in the photos for over a year. Eventually, Gillian, Cecilia, and Edison had returned to the entertainment industry, however, Bobo never returned. She had quietly left the industry and used the remainder of her resources to create and maintain a private business in jewellery.

Bobo Chan ft. Matt Yeung - Before After


Was previously involved in the Edison Chen photo scandal, last year Bobo Chan left for the United States to avoid the news. The results of her wedding plans with her boyfriend was a failure. Although during this period of time, Bobo had her boyfriend's care and support for her, recently she found her boyfriend opened a Crystal Jam nail shop for over nearly a million dollars in North Point. However, until this day, Bobo still has not forgiven Edison Chen, the other day she just heard Edison's name and already appeared displeased, she quickly closed the gates thereafter.

On Tuesday, the Media spotted Bobo with make-up on with her boyfriend on the streets, the couple appeared very loving. Wearing all black, Bobo and her boyfriend went into a store to take care of some errands, at first Bobo had her boyfriend accompany her on both sides, but after a while Bobo felt impatient and became upset. Her boyfriend who had itching hands couldn't help but to brush her on the back, but she still had her hands crossed. Afterwards, Bobo went alone to dress up, she was constantly putting on nail polish on her fingers to look pretty.

When Bobo discovered that there were Reporters, she became nervous and quickly left the store. She walked out of the store and met up with her boyfriend as they went into a office building together, Bobo's boyfriend followed his girlfriend in. In the evening at 8pm, Bobo appeared at the nail shop again, this is when Reporters went up to her and asked her about Edison's return to Hong Kong, did he apologize to her? At first Bobo had a smile on her face, but once she heard Edison's name, she immediately turned around and left. The staff at the nail shop came out and asked for the Reporter's name and identity. Afterwards, Bobo called out two security guards to watch the front entrance and then later she even pulled in the gates to close the shop.


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