Ellen Chan Denies Pregnancy

Ellen Chan has denied the rumours claiming that she tried to conceive a child with Johnson Lee through an in-vitro fertilisation treatment. The 47-year-old actress has been rumoured to be dating 39-year-old Johnson after the pair were caught kissing passionately inside a taxi cab in May. It was said that Ellen was one of the main reasons why Johnson broke up with his former girlfriend, Lukian Wang.

Ellen called the unfounded reports of her pregnancy “fictitious, fabricated, and lacked common sense,” also expressing that she will pursue legal action against the perpetrators. She pointed out that she would be unable to receive in-vitro fertilization anyway, as the Hong Kong government only allows registered couples who are unable to conceive naturally to be qualified to receive the treatment.

The actress also shot down the rumors claiming that she has been dating Johnson, saying that she is currently very single.

Ellen wrote angrily in a Weibo post, “The ethics in today’s entertainment magazines are morally corrupt! In order to sell magazines, they completely fabricate [lies] to hurt others. Every word that is a lie, and every fabricated story hurts the respect of women. This is an enormous and personal attack against me! It has also hurt my innocent friends and led to my family bearing the pressure of rumors! This time, I was truly hurt! It’s like being relentlessly stabbed in the chest by a knife; my heart is aching!”


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