Thermo herb facials

Thermo-herbal facials are an excellent way to deal with the ravages of ageing skin. This facial involves the use of a special thermal mask consisting of calcium salts and a blend of natural herbs and plant extracts. It is a self-heating and detoxifying mask that draws out the toxins from the skin as well as tightens the facial muscles. It also erases superficial lines and wrinkles and adds a glow to the skin.


The thermo-herbal mask is used for people above the age of 25 years and is excellent for mature as well as ageing skin as it arrests the spread of wrinkles and keeps them at bay. The treatment has to be done once a month and can be carried out by a professional beautician. Prior to the mask application the face is treated with a nourishing cream such as carrot cream or thyme cream. Then the mask is mixed with water and spooned onto the face. On contact with the skin a chemical reaction occurs and the mask hardens. The cream underneath applied before the application of the thermo herb mask penetrates into the skin and the skin becomes silkier and softer. It also tightens the muscle hence it works like a mini face-lift. At the end of the treatment the mask lifts off as a whole. Oxillation is given to close the pores and tone the skin.


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