Celebrity Crash Diets

If you think celebrity life is all about shine and glamor, you better think again. Some of the best actors need to make big transformations for their roles, and when they talk about the ways they lost so many pounds so quickly, they usually give different answers. In most cases, these weight losses are result of enormous pressure, craving for the Oscar award and merciless entertainment industry. The extreme measures these celebrities take sometimes pay off more and sometimes less, but the results are always incredible. Both men and women look kind of scary after these transformations and they often admit that they had a negative impact on their health.

Christian Bale
1. Christian Bale had to lose basically all weight he once had for psychological thriller role in The Machinist. During the preparation period, Christian ate only an apple and a can of tuna a day. If you think this is too rigid, wait to hear he did this for months. The results were scary and great in the same time. He achieved what he wanted for the role, but his appearance and his health were not so great.

Megan Fox
2. Megan Fox has gone through a severe transformation. Even though veganism can’t really be considered a crash diet, Megan has dropped some serious weight. She explain her diet as raw and very strict. For year and a half, she followed a strict vegan diet based only on raw vegetables and fruits. She didn’t eat any bread, sugar and she drank no coffee for all that time. Results? Megan has lost too much weight.

Amanda Seyfried
3. Amanda Seyfried is another Hollywood star who has gone through crash diet in order to look skinnier. Mean girls star admits it wasn’t easy to be so disciplined all the time. She says it is an intense journey and kind of awful, too. What does Amanda eat for lunch? Spinach. What else is she eating? Well, mostly spinach and some seeds. It makes you wonder if being skinny is so much more important than a normal meal.

Hilary Duff 
4. Hilary Duff admits being obsessed with her weight (or dropping some at least) while she was a teenager. Teenagers easily get trapped by looking at their bodies wrong. The period of adolescence is hard because all of the psychological and physical changes. Hilary say it wasn’t any easier for her and her method of staying extremely thin is to eat steamed vegetables and grilled chicken. Nowadays, Hilary is more into being healthy than superskinny.

 Charlize Theron
5. While preparing for the role of dying woman in Sweet November, Charlize Theron had to lose too much weight. This kind of crash diet wasn’t easy at all, Charlize admits. Her diet consisted of totally avoiding starches, dinner and generally food after 5 o’clock. She didn’t drink any alcohol at all and she did a lot of yoga. Also, Charlize did a lot of running, which helped her to take her mind off the hungry stomach.

Natasha Henstridge
6. Natasha Henstridge has lost a ton of weight thanks to, believe it or not, diet pills! The Species star has tried out different pills and supplements in order to lose weight, and she admits that wasn’t the smartest choice she could make. Initially, she went to a Chinese herbalist who gave her some herbs and acupuncture. Natasha thought it would be good for her, but she lost too much weight and made a big mistake.

Matt Damon 
7. Matt Damon looked incredibly skinny in Courage Under Fire. Famous actor said that his regimen wasn’t so easy during his preparation period. He had to run six and a half miles in the morning and again in the evening. Only meals he was allowed to eat were chicken breasts, egg whites and one plain baked potato per day. Also, Matt admits drinking large amounts of coffee and smoking too many cigarettes.

source: thehealthlane


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  1. In most instances those weight losses are result of massive pressure yearning for the Oscar award and merciless enjoyment industry. In case you suppose this is too inflexible wait to hear he did this for My Homework Com months. She provide an explanation for her weight loss program as raw and very strict. It makes you surprise if being skinny is a lot more critical than a normal meal.



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