Heidi Nose Job

Heidi Montag is an American singer and television personality.MTV reality series "The Hills" star has confirmed a series of Plastic surgeries to enhance her Breast and nose.

In an Interview With "US Weekly" She Said "I hated my nose too. I have my dad’s nose, which is huge. It took up so much of my face, when I looked down, I could see my nose. I couldn’t get away from it!” ..... "

“People would say, “You have such a big nose!” And they’d make fun of me for being so flat..."

"I think Lindsay Lohan has a good nose, but I looked at models, mostly. I brought in 400 photos, probably. When I got the splint taken off, I was just like, ‘Thank you!’ I had a lot of extra cartilage, and they shaved it down. I can breathe so much better now. I’m like, Twice as much air! My voice has cleared up too. It used to be higher, and now it’s more my voice. I used to have a crazy sleeping disorder - I woke up for 15 minutes out of every hour - and now I sleep through the night"

Check out these before and after Heidi Montag nose job pics ...

Heidi Nose Job

Heidi Nose Job


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