What makes a genius a genius?

According to these graphics, it's good time management.

Using Mason Currey's book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work - which draws on diaries and letters from the thinkers themselves - designer RJ Andrews has mapped out the comings and goings of some of history's most important figures, right down to the hour.

From Mozart to Freud and Darwin to Dickens, the waking, working and, in some cases, procrastinating of history's greatest minds are laid out for scrutiny.

From Balzac drinking 50 cups of black coffee a day, to Milton spending hours memorising the Bible, the results are not always as you would expect. The variation is also surprising, from Freud's 13 hours of work a day to Mozart's four, there is not, alas, a simple recipe for success.

Even so, people can now mimic the schedule of their intellectual heroes. Who knows, something might rub off.


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