Beautiful Photo Narratives Produced with the Wet Collodion Process

Self-taught photographer Alex Timmermans has been practicing photography his entire life. Over the course of his career, tons of digital equipment has become readily available. However, the artist finds that he prefers working in traditional photographic techniques—particularly the wet collodion process. Through this approach to photography, Timmermans produces portraits and fine art photographs filled with strange and surreal elements that suggest a variety of interesting narratives.

The Dutch photographer enjoys the very traditional and purposeful approach to photography. It can take a full hour to produce a single composition and there are many uncontrollable elements, including slight differences in chemicals or changing weather, that can result in unexpected surprises. "Seeing a picture changing in the fixer bath—from a negative to a positive—is a magic spectacle which makes it worthwhile to spend so much time and energy on it," explains Timmermans.

source: mymodernmet


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