20 Historical Colored pictures

The history of photography is only about 200 years old and the period in which it was possible to take color images, it is much shorter. However, the color makes us perceive the image we see as more realistic. Fortunately, there are communities of photo enthusiasts who color images in black and white, what makes us emotionally closer to our roots.

It is often difficult to realize how close we are, historical events such as the wedding day of our grandparents or the Second World War. Fortunately, today's digital possibilities glimpses, albeit in a somewhat speculative, our past, believe it or not that was in color. The coloring process is not easy and depends largely coloreador involvement. Lots of colors can be recognized by the subtleties of gray tones, photos in black and white. Another way is to investigate past fashions, the coloration of the places that still exist today and a fairly common sense, for example, makes us understand that the hair color of a person in a historic black and white photo is probably a natural color.

However, keep in mind that an equally important part of the coloring process, is the conjecture about the ancient fashions. Even with access to all information, in theory, you can never be 100% sure of the true colors and nuances that might have been captured in a picture given. However, Coloring a historic photograph, which would otherwise only seen in black and white, is podtía considered as part of a world that has never been seen.

1. Women Dealing Ice, 1918

Original photo: War Department / National Archives

Colored by Dana Keller 

2. Times Square, 1947

Original Photo: William Gottlieb 

Colored by Jordan J. Lloyd 

3. Portrait Used To Design the Centavo. Meeting of President Lincoln with General McClellan -      Antietam, Maryland ca September 1862

Original Photo: Alexander Gardner

Colored by Zuzzah 

4. Marilyn Monroe, 1957

Original Photo: Richard Avedon

Colored by Zuzzah 

5. Selling the evening edition of the newspaper, with news of the sinking of the Titanic the night before. (April 16, 1912)

Original Photo: Hulton-Deutsch Collection

Colored by Dana Keller 

6. Easter Eggs for Hitler, 1944-1945

Original photo: U.S. Army / National Archives

Colored by Zuzzah 

7 Sergeant George Camblair practicing with a gas mask in a smoke . Fort Belvoir, Virginia, 1942

Original Photo: Jack Delano

Colored by Ryan Urban 

8. Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin in 1919

Original Photo: Roy Export Company / di Bologna Cinematheque

Colored by Zuzahin 

9. Painting Posters propaganda of World War II, Port Washington, New York. 8 July 1942

Original Photo: Marty Zimmerman

Colored by Patty Allison 

10. The Golden Gate Bridge Construction, 1935

Original photo: source unknown

Colored by Dana Keller 

11. Rehearsing Louis Armstrong in his dressing room, 1946

Original Photo: William Gottlieb

Colored by Dana Keller 

12. Broadway from the United States Hotel Saratoga Springs, NY from 1900 to 1915

Original Photo: Detroit Publishing Co.

Colored by Sanna Dullaway 

13. "The Tall Cowboy" Ralph E. Madsen to Senator Morris Sheppard, 1919

Original Photo: Harris & Ewing

Colored by Photo Retrofit 

14. The National American Ballet Dancers, August 20, 1924

Original Photo: National American Ballet

Colored by Photo Retrofit 

15. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, 1921

Original Photo: Ferdinand Schmutzer

Colored by Klassixx

16. Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank and sole survivor of the Frank family, visiting the attic where they hid during the war, May 3, 1960

Original Photo: Arnold Newman

Colored by Laiz Kuczynski 

17 Young girl with umbrella -. Louisiana, 1937

Original Photo: Dorothea Lange

Colored by Manuel De Leonardo 

18. Berths crammed into the concentration camp of Buchenwald, April 16, 1945

Original Photo: Soldier H. Miller

Colored by Manuel De Leonardo 

19. Peatwy Tuck of Meskwahki, 1898

Original Photo: Frank A. Rheinhart

Colored by Photocopshop 

20. Children after purchasing poinsettias in Union Square, New York, April 1908

Original photo: Bain News Service.

Colored by Dana Keller


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