Sex Skin and Blood

When we generally talk about skin, The main thing which leads the skin clarity is blood .
As far as the questions related to skin comes blood always follow the skin. So only the way or the first steps to make your skin fresh is to fresh up the blood.

sex and skin
How blood is related with skin ?

When you play sport your heart rate increases that mean the temperature of your body also increases too .When the body temperature increases it automatically flushed out harmful toxins from your body.

sex and skin
Similarly sex is also a good way to flushed out harmful toxins. A little action of sex can do wonders for a flagging complexion.Which leads to the warm post-orgasmic glow all over the body. As the erotic action plays your body also slowly rise up to heated. This heat plays the impotent role for the circulation of the blood through the heart, The heart act faster than normal that mean your blood is circulated faster.As your heart rate increases, more blood is pumped throughout your body, especially your face. The result is that everything from elastin fibers to the skins natural collagen are plumped and firmed.

All those endorphins (the hormones released by the brain that mimic the effect of morphine) that are released during sex can make your complexion look as good as you feel.

sex and skin
Finally a point made that as much as you can heat up your blood , the blood become more clear and so the skin.So start have lots of sex , if not then start playing sports.


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