Inventions From the 1930's

Every product that we use day-to-day had to come from somewhere. Even as something as simple as a telephone had countless versions that were created and tested. You might not realize, though, that there were other inventions throughout history that didn’t quite make the cut like the telephone did. A Reddit user found some of these old-timey.

Life jackets that were made from bicycle tubing (1925).

A precursor to the hair dryer.

A piano that could be played while lying in bed (1935).

A revolver that takes a picture right before the shot is fired (1938).

A mouthpiece that would let you smoke two cigarettes at once (1932).

This portable extension bridge (1926).

An extending RV (1934).

A device that would help you teach your children how to walk (1939).

Cones designed to protect the wearer from storms and blizzards (1939).

A single-wheeled motorcycle (1931).

A bicycle that fit the whole family… plus a sewing machine (1939).

An all-terrain vehicle (1931).

A contraption that would let you smoke in the rain (1931).

Glasses that let you read while lying down (1936).

This stroller that would protect babies from gas (1938).

An amphibious bicycle that you could use on land and in water (1931).

A hat integrated with radio (1931).

An ice cube mask made to cure hangovers (1947).

This safety net that would protect pedestrians from cars (1924).


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