Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgangers

When an authentic Civil War photo emerged last year, everyone buzzed about the solider's resemblance to actor Nicolas Cage. But Cage isn't the only celebrity with a historical doppelganger. Turns out there's a whole community of people, from TotallyLooksLike.com to YouTube, who post photos of famous people and their historical lookalikes. While some people think that the celebrities are actually vampires, others believe in the conspiracy theories that the famous people are clones or descendants of former politicians, artists, philosophers and even criminals. But most just take it all in good fun.

Here's Nic Cage and his doppelganger. Little is known about the man besides that he supposedly served in the Civil War. 
We selected some of the most uncanny doppelgangers from YouTube compilations. From Keanu Reeves to Ellen Degeneres, you'll definitely be shocked by the resemblance.

Here's Justin Timberlake, who uncannily resembles this old-time criminal in a mug shot.

Abolitionist John Brown looks like Charlie Sheen.

Actor Anthony Hopkins is a dead ringer for this bust of the philosopher Socrates. 

Actor Hank Azaria resembles philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Actor Shia Labeouf looks like a young Albert Einstein.

Actress Maggie Gylenhaal looks like historical journalist and women's rights leader, Rose Wilder Lane.

Bruce Willis greatly resembles WWII General Douglas MacArthur.

Christopher Lloyd from "Back To The Future" looks like politician John C. Calhoun. 

Chuck Norris totally looks like Vincent Van Gogh. 

Comedian Jack Black looks like the lead in the classic opera "The Barber of Seville."

Ellen DeGeneres looks like Henry David Thoreau.

English comedian Bill Bailey looks like philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

"Matrix" star Keanu Reeves resembles Louis-Maurice Boutet, a French painter and illustrator of children's books.

Nick Jonas looks like our former President Franklin Pierce. 

Philosopher John Locke looks like an older version of Oscar winner Adrian Brody.

Rupert Grint from "Harry Potter" looks like Scottish painter Sir David Wilkie.

"Spiderman" star Andrew Garfield looks like Marxist Leon Trotsky.


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